Will The Sino Us Trade War Affect The Sales Of Me...

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  • August 31, 2018

Will the Sino US trade war affect the sales of metal products?

The Sino US trade dispute refers to the impact on trade balance between China and the United States in the process of trade between China and the United States. For example, China's tire exports to the United States will affect domestic tire enterprises in the United States and lead to the contradiction between the two countries. But, it doesn't affect our artigifts sales!!

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In fact, In today's world, there is a universally accepted truth: there are no eternal enemies, nor eternal friends, and eternal things are interests. American multinationals have accelerated the development of investment in China to make use of China's cheap intellectual resources labor resources. The great commercial interest in China's economy and trade is of vital importance to some industries and companies in the United States. This growing interest group in China will be the economic and political resources that China can make full use of.

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In particular, one of the ways to solve trade disputes and to quell trade frictions is to take up the World Trade Organization dispute mechanism as a weapon in order to resolve disputes by consultation. It is the fundamental way to solve the trade friction to implement the brand strategy and improve the competitiveness of the enterprises, to improve the product grade, to form the competitive advantage of the product and to build the international brand of the product.

We believe that Sino US relations will become more harmonious and friendly in the near future.

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